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Surf Auto and its sister website are a membership traffic exchange to improve you website ranking. Join Surf Auto Hits .com free members get 3000 credits to join and 200 free credits each month. Platinum membership get 5000 visitor credits as well as 5000 visitor credits each month. In both cases you have to go into your account to have the free credits applied to your account. On Auto Hits Daily .com you will get 1000 credits for joining for free. On both site you can get additional credits for surfing other member sites and on Surf Auto Hits .com watch the surf bar where 5000 bonus credits are randomly awarded but you have to watch the surf bar to catch the bonus because you have to click the bonus to have it credited to your account. Each web site offers advertising opportunities such as text ads and banner impressions. Check out our buy it now listing for some of the affordable web site advertising you will find on the internet.

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1Year Platinum Membership 60,000 Real Visitors
                                          $10.00 USD


6 Month Text Link on​m    $9.99 USD

12 Month Text Link on​m  $19.99 USD  

Search Engine Submissions
                               $5.50 USD

Marketing To Improve Your Search Engine & Alexa Ranking                            $100.00 USD

                                     $0.99 USD

Resell Internet Services & Domains Website For Sale                                   $49.99 USD

Resell Internet Services & Domains Pro Website For Sale                          $149.99 USD

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